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This website features information for adults and is not suitable for those under the age of 18.
It has no explicit visual content with the exception of illustrations for educational purposes.


Seska Lee raises awareness and volunteers for a number of human rights non-profit organizations including Chez Stella, Head and Hands and Scarleteen.



Miss Seska Lee has been a neo-burlesque performer and show producer since 2003. She has performed as part of Team Burlesque and the Montreal Burlesque Festival.



sex ed

Seska's articles, essays, seminars and workshops feature comprehensive sex ed information for adults that challeneges current sex shaming and pleasure fearing culture.



adults only

In 1998 Seska created an independent personal adult website featuring photos and journal entries documenting her sexual adventures.



About Seska Lee

Seska Lee is an activist, educator, model, performer, producer, webmaster and writer.

She began these endeavours in 1998 with the creation of a personal adult website. Her work has included photoshoots, videoshoots, live webcam shows, video blogging, personal journalling, burlesque performances, producing cabaret shows and writing (advice, articles and essays).

Currently, she creates curates adult only content for her site as well blogs about all things sexual. Through her work she hopes to inspire people to find pleasure, vitality, and well-being in their lives. She is also the co-producer and host of Acme Burlesque, a cabaret with all acts are improvised and performed to live music and Combustible Burlesque, a bimonthly neo burlesque revue in Montreal.

She has spoken about her personal and professional experiences at SXSW, Concordia University, McGill University, Sexual Attitude Reassessment Seminars and various adult industry conferences. Seska’s essays have been published in Broken Pencil and Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography and she has been featured on HBO’s Real Sex Xtra : Pornocopia : Going Down in the Valley : Women on Top and Josey Vogel’s Between You and Me on CBC Radio 1.

Seska Lee is a volunteer and supporter of the non-profit organization Head and Hands – À Deux Mains. They provide health, legal and social support to youth 12-25.

Prior to working on the web Seska Lee was an educational consultant. She lives in Montreal, Canada with two feisty cats named Martha and Rufus.

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activism burlesque sex-ed adults only